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Design your surveys

Wether it's a pricing study, a market research analysis, a door knocking effort, or just a simple sign up form to grow your member list or get qualified leads, it doesn't matter. Designed with safeguards for automatic data validation, the Ballotbox form builder allows you to design whatever surveys fit your workflow.

Manage your field reps

With Ballotbox, you can seamlessly assign your field reps to teams, give them routes, and track the productivity of both your teams and field reps. With a built in GPS tracker, you get real time feedback of the routes your field reps are taking, or the locations where they're collecting data. It doesn't matter if they have no access to internet, the Ballotbox web-app works completely offline.

Analyze your results

You can begin tracking your results right as your data collection efforts are happening. The Ballotbox data management software organizes your data so you can quickly track results by team or region with graphic displays, and has a built-in map interface so you can see insights of your efforts visualized by location. You can also export your data in whatever format you need so you never again have to waste time inputing data into your CRM tools.

Available in all devices